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What is include in my home inspection with Quality Home Inspections of East Tennessee?

Attic Inspection Roane County, TN Quality Home Inspections

A Quality Homes Inspection covers the attic. The inspector will be looking at the insulation, the structure, ventilation, open junction boxes, and the inspector will be seeking out any signs of moisture intrusion. Obviously, the biggest concerns with an attic and a roofing system are leaks. Any observed defects will be listed in the report.

You never know what might be hidden in the attic. In this particular photo notice the apparent fire damage.

Rotting wood next to chimney

In this attic photo water appeared to be coming in around the chimney. Notice the moisture damage to the wood.

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Quality Home Inspections serves the East Tennessee area of Roane, Loudon, Knox, Anderson, and Cumberland counties which includes the cities of Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Kingston, Harriman, Rockwood, Oliver Springs, Midtown, Lenoir City, and Crossville, Tennessee.