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Easy Guide to Home Inspection Defects

Easy Guide to Home Inspection Defects is a new book for home buyers, sellers, realtors, and home inspectors. It gives photo illustrations of actual defects and makes home inspection defects more easily recognizable. Don't buy or sell a home without the right knowledge. Realtors will love this book because they'll get a more clear understanding of what home inspectors are looking for, and new inspectors or those thinking about becoming a home inspector, will appreciate this introductory view of home inspecting.

Home Inspection Book

There are three editions of the book available at Amazon. Kindle, Paperback, and a less expensive Black and White Paperback Edition

Book Description:

If you are buying or selling a home this book is written for you.
It is also a great guide for realtors, new home inspectors, or those considering
getting into the business of home inspecting.

Familiarize yourself with common home inspection defects so that you can find and
recognize common and not so common defects. This book features fascinating home inspection
color photos of real life defects.

Get the basic fundamentals of a home inspection including the basics of the home
as a structure made of many other components. Understand how one system affects
another system. You'll learn in this short, but concise book how to think like a
home inspector. By learning the basics of a home inspection you'll save time and
money by eliminating the worst houses that are clearly not what you're looking for structurally
before you get to the phase of signing a contract or hiring an inspector.

Learn about various systems and sections of the home such as plumbing, heating and air,
crawlspace or basement, the roof, and electrical. Learn what the biggest areas of concern
are to an inspector and you as a homeowner. Learn how moisture affects a home including
gutter problems, roof leaks, grading issues, and condensation from HVAC systems.

Review defects that inspector's call out for safety concerns such as safety railing, garages, proper stairways,
TPR extension on water heaters, fire safety issues, and more. Have questions answered such as what type of
asphalt shingle tends to last longer. Is it okay to have shrubs close to the house? Are gutter guards the way to go?
How about caulking around a toilet?

As a seller, you'll save valuable time selling your home by being aware of the types of
defects that a home inspector is likely to find in your home. Small defects can sometimes
be the difference in making a sale or not.

Written by Tim Frady