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Electrical Inspection Roane County, TN Quality Home Inspections

What is include in my home inspection with Quality Home Inspections of East Tennessee?

Our electrical inspection covers testing of the outlets and visual inspection behind the dead front of the electrical panel. I will be testing most visible outlets with my outlet tester looking for shorts or wiring issues.

Not only will I inspect behind the electrical panel by removing the dead front cover, I will be also looking at the location of the panel. Is it in a safe area of the home? Is it easily accessible? Inside I'll be looking for double taps, signs of shorts, the the condition of the wiring, mismatched wires to conductors, and any other signs that a electrician should be contacted to investigate further or do repairs. I will check to see if the breakers have been labeled.

You find all kinds of interesting issues as a home inspector such as wasp and hornet nests built inside the electrical panels and rust where water or moisture has gotten in.

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Quality Home Inspections serves the East Tennessee area of Roane, Loudon, Knox, Anderson, and Cumberland counties which includes the cities of Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Kingston, Harriman, Rockwood, Oliver Springs, Midtown, Lenoir City, and Crossville, Tennessee.