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Kingston, Tennessee Home Inspector Quality Home Inspections

Why should folks in Kingston, Tennessee turn to Quality Home Inspections and Inspector Tim Frady for their home inspection needs?

What all is included in a home inspection.

1. Qualified - I have extensive training and a background in real estate. For complete list of current certifications and courses taken. I am constantly continuing my education as a home inspector by taking new courses and acquiring new certifications in areas such as roofing, mobile home inspections, and under floor crawlspace inspections. I hold a current license from the state of Tennessee and am insured.

I also have experience as a real estate agent, selling homes right here in Kingston, Tennessee and the surrounding Roane County area back in the 1990's.

2. Honesty - I follow all laws and rules for all home inspectors in the great state of Tennessee. Be assured, I work for my client and no one else. My ethical and legal obligation is to the interests of my client, and if you decide to use my services as a home inspector I will endeavor to fulfill that obligation to the best of my ability. You can rest assured that there are no conflicts of interest that would prohibit me from creating a full report of any and all deficiencies or defects that I observe in the home I am contracted to inspect. My report goes straight to my client only, and can only be viewed by my client, unless they choose to share with others.

 3. Professional  I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for all real estate professionals who refer their clients to me. We are all here to provide service to our clients and I am happy to be a part of that service to Kingston, Tennessee and all of Roane County and the surrounding area.

4. Value When you hire me to inspect a home, you will receive a full report by email, complete with photos to better show defects and deficiencies that may be encountered. Every report is thorough, informative, and detailed, and, of course, I'm ready to answer any questions you may have afterward. I will inspect everything from the top of the roof down into the crawl space.

5. On Time  Your time is valuable and I realize how important it is to get the report to you in a timely manner in order to enable the real estate sales process to move forward. I will endeavor to schedule the appointment as soon as humanly possible at all times. Just as soon as I finish the visual inspection, I will take all of my digital photos and notes home to create your report and will have it to you normally within 24 hours, or sooner, if possible.

Buying a home is the biggest investment you will ever likely make. It's vital that you get someone to inspect your home that is qualified and that doesn't rush through just to grab your money. I pledge to inspect everything within the scope of a home inspection according to the laws and rules of Tennessee not just for the sake of adhering to law, but because I firmly believe in doing honest work for honest pay. The fact that you entrust me with creating a report on a purchase as important to you and your family's future as your home is a great honor and one that I do not take lightly. There is a great deal of stress in buying a home, and I will endeavor to do my part to make the home inspection portion of the home buying decision-making process as helpful to you as possible.

A Little History

Hi, I'm Tim Frady. I've lived in Roane County pretty much all of my life. I graduated from Roane County High School from Kingston. My wife and I ran a successful car wash in downtown Kingston for a few years known as Tim's Car Wash before going to work as real estate agents for Realty Executives in the late 90's.

Currently, I am licensed by the state of Tennessee as a home inspector, license #1236.  As a home owner myself, I know just how important an investment a home can be. I know from experience how frustrating and costly it can be when home repairs come up.  No matter what condition a home is in when you buy it, repairs are going to come up, but you certainly don't want to buy a home and, right out off the bat, have costly repairs that weren't planned for.

I consider myself somewhat of a home detective as well as an inspector. It's my job to visually seek out clues that point toward potential issues now and in the future. Part of a home inspectors job is to crawl under the home, inside attics, on roof tops, and all around the home looking for visual evidence of a system defect.

I know the frustration, the anger, the pain that can be experienced when things just don't go right around the house. I like to put myself into my client's shoes. I wouldn't want to buy a new home and get hit with another large bill for unseen repairs, and I know you wouldn't either. Buying a home should be an exciting experience, but in all honesty it can also be a risky investment, if you don't know what you are getting, and  that's my job - to check out your potential home investment from top to bottom as thoroughly as humanly possible.

I will go under the house, around the house, on top of the house, in the attic, in all the rooms of the house taking pictures, turning on the dishwasher, checking the functional flow and drainage of the plumbing system,  checking for leaks, taking off the electrical panel front to check the wiring, and test GFCI outlets, and when I'm done, at home, I'll review my extensive check list, review all the areas of concern I took photos of and put together and detailed report that will include many of those photos.

By the time you are finished reading the report you should have a much better grasp of the true condition of the home than you would have otherwise.

What all is included in a home inspection.

East Tennessee Quality Home Inspections
Quality Home Inspections serves the East Tennessee area of Roane, Loudon, Knox, Anderson, and Cumberland counties which includes the cities of Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Kingston, Oliver Springs, Harriman, Rockwood, Midtown, Lenoir City, and Crossville, Tennessee. The goal of Quality Home Inspections is to help make the home buying decision a little less complex by providing a professional visual inspection and report of various systems and areas of the home.


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Quality Home Inspections serves Kingston, Tennessee and surrounding area including all of Roane County and Knox County.  Kingston, Tennessee has some of the most beautiful homes in Tennessee. There's a lot of lake front property here.