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Knoxville, Tennessee Home Inspector Quality Home Inspections

Serving the Knoxville, TN area with top quality and professional home inspections.

Don't make the most expensive purchase of your life without having it checked out, first!

1. Qualified - I have extensive training and a background in real estate. For complete list of current certifications and courses taken. I am constantly continuing my education as a home inspector by taking new courses and acquiring new certifications in areas such as roofing, mobile home inspections, and under floor crawlspace inspections. I hold a current license from the state of Tennessee and am insured.

2. Honesty -  I follow all laws and rules for all home inspectors from the great state of Tennessee. Be assured, I work for my client and no one else. My ethical and legal obligation is to the interests of my client, and if you decide to use my services as a home inspector I will endeavor to fulfill that obligation to the best of my ability. You can rest assured that there are no conflicts of interest that would prohibit me from creating a full report of any and all deficiencies or defects that I observe in the home I am contracted to inspect. My report goes straight to my client only, and can only be viewed by my client, unless they choose to share with others.

 3. Professional  I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for all real estate professionals who refer their clients to me. We are all here to provide service to our clients and I am happy to be a part of that service to Knoxville, Tennessee, Knox County, Roane County, and the surrounding area.

4. Value When you hire me to inspect a home, you will receive a full report by email, complete with photos to better show defects and deficiencies that may be encountered. Every report is thorough, informative, and detailed, and, of course, I'm ready to answer any questions you may have afterward. I will inspect everything from the top of the roof down into the crawl space.

5. On Time  Your time is valuable and I realize how important it is to get the report to you in a timely manner in order to enable the real estate sales process to move forward. I will endeavor to schedule the appointment as soon as humanly possible at all times. Just as soon as I finish the visual inspection, I will take all of my digital photos and notes home to create your report and will have it to you normally within 24 hours, or sooner, if possible.

6. Physically Fit  Fitness has always been one of my top priorities and fitness really comes in handy in the home inspection field when it comes to crawling around under a floor or climbing onto a roof top.

7. Thorough I have an extensive check list that I follow from the bottom of the home to the top. I thoroughly visually inspect the roof, crawl space, electrical panel, outlets, visible pipes, heating and air systems. I check for problems with moisture, signs of roof leaks, proper grade, proper guttering, flashing, etc. You would be amazed of how small details like having guttering that properly flows well enough away from the house could potentially save you thousands in water damage to the foundation walls.

Buying a home is the biggest investment you will ever likely make. It's vital that you get someone to inspect your home that is qualified and that doesn't rush through. I pledge to inspect everything within the scope of a home inspection according to the laws and rules of Tennessee not just for the sake of adhering to law, but because I firmly believe in doing honest work for honest pay. The fact that you entrust me with creating a report on a purchase as important to you and your family's future as your home is a great honor and one that I do not take lightly. There is a great deal of stress in buying a home, and I will endeavor to do my part to make the home inspection portion of the home buying decision-making process as helpful to you as possible.

East Tennessee Quality Home Inspections
Quality Home Inspections serves the East Tennessee area of Roane, Loudon, Knox, Anderson, and Cumberland counties which includes the cities of Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Kingston, Harriman, Rockwood, Midtown, Lenoir City, Oliver Springs, and Crossville, Tennessee. The goal of Quality Home Inspections is to help make the home buying decision a little less complex by providing a professional visual inspection and report of various systems and areas of the home.

Email me with any questions you might have at the address below.


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Knoxville, Tn Facts

Did you know that Knoxville, Tennessee was recently ranked the "best place to live in the United States and Canada" among cities with a population of fewer than 1 million.

Tennessee boasts the second lowest cost of living in the country making it a great place to take your family.

Knoxville was first settled in 1786 was the first capital of Tennessee.

Knoxville was the host of the 1982 World's Fair which had 11 million visitors. The fair was constructed on a 70-acre site between downtown Knoxville and the University of Tennessee.

Knoxville was once a rowdy town way back in it's early days. The first newspaper published in Tennessee was filled with accounts of murder, theft, and hostile Cherokee attacks.

Knoxville was bitterly divided during the Civil War between those that were for and against succession from the union.