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What is include in my home inspection with Quality Home Inspections of East Tennessee?

Plumbing Inspection Roane County, TN Quality Home Inspections

I'll be looking at the visible plumbing for evidence of leaks under the home during the basement/crawlspace inspection. I'll also turn on the water faucets in the home to test the functional flow and functional drainage and to see if there are any water hammers. I'll be looking under the sinks to see if there are any evidence of leaks there. I'll also check around the toilets to see if there are any apparent leaks after flushing. Many times toilets become loose at the base, allowing for water leakage and in turn rotting of the floor.  I also inspect the water heater. For homes with accessible working outdoor faucets I will test the water pressure. Water pressure over 80 PSI can lead to damage in pipes and appliances. To test I simply hook up a water pressure gauge to the outdoor faucet and turn the water on.

It is best, if possible, that you make arrangements to have the water turned on before the inspection. This will make detection of current water leaks more likely. Without the water running, indications of water leaks can still be found, such as damage to wood, past signs of moisture, etc., but it is difficult to say whether these indications are from past or present leaks without the water being on.  Often, water leaks go unseen under the home since home owners rarely go all the way into their crawlspaces looking for leaks.

For the water heater inspection, I'll be checking the TPR valve to make sure there is an extension. Pressure relief valves should have an extension in case of steam being released. The extension should direct the steam toward the ground to prevent scalding those that might be standing nearby. I'll also be looking at the age of the water heater and will record the date of manufacturing and the size of the water heater. In addition, I'll be looking at the general condition. Is there rust, etc? The location of the water heater is also important for safety. Many times older homes have the water heater in dangerous locations such as right next to an electrical panel.

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