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Roane County TN Home Inspector from Quality Home Inspections of East TN

Serving the Roane County and Knoxville, Tennessee area with top quality home inspections.

Testimonial from one of my recent clients -

"You showed up on time and were very thorough and professionally at a very affordable
price. I would definitely use you again. Your the best. Thank you so much for
everything. I highly recommend your services.

You saved me from making a big mistake."  -  S. Ford

I was born and raised in East Tennessee and I am honored to serve as your home inspector for the Roane County Tennessee area.  For complete list of current certifications.

What is included in the inspection?

Don't go it alone. Buying a home is a huge investment. With a Quality Home Inspections non-invasive inspection I will go from the top to the bottom of the home. In the crawl space or  basement, I will look for signs of moisture intrusion and combine that with the layout outside to determine if water is getting in. I will look for visible signs of structural issues and for plumbing leaks. I'll also be looking for signs of water intrusion in the attic coming in from the roof.

I will be taking the electrical panel front off to view the wiring. I'll also be looking in the attic, on the roof, and around the perimeter of the home. All inspections include reports based on my visual observations and photos taken of decks, siding, shingles, roof flashing and components, guttering, downspouts, pipes, joists, trusses, heat and air units, foundation, light fixtures, GFCI outlet testing, smoke detectors, driveway, retaining walls, grading, trees and shrubs adjacent to the home, eaves, soffits, columns, water heater, vent pipes, doors, windows, ceilings, fireplace, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, etc.

All these areas and rooms of the home could contain hundreds of  potential defects that might escape the untrained eye. Buying a home is a very exciting and emotional time. It's easy to miss even the obvious problems that might exist, much less ones that are hidden on the roof, in the attic, or crawlspace. Let me arm you with a detailed report filled with photos and information emailed to you that you can sit at your desk, take your time, relax, and review. This way you'll have a much clearer view of the true condition of the home you plan to purchase. Don't get taken by surprise by an unknown defect costing thousands that could have been discovered during your home inspection.

East Tennessee Quality Home Inspections
Quality Home Inspections serves the East Tennessee area of Roane, Loudon, Knox, Anderson, and Cumberland counties which includes the cities of Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs, Kingston, Harriman, Rockwood, Midtown, Lenoir City, and Crossville, Tennessee. The goal of Quality Home Inspections is to help make the home buying decision a little less complex by providing a professional visual inspection and report of various systems and areas of the home.

Email me with any questions you might have at the address below.

Or feel free to call me at any time during the day at

If you are from another state and are thinking about moving here you will not be disappointed, especially if you love the great outdoors. We have lots of parks with trails that follow along our lakes and there are many areas to take your boat out to.

 Lake front properties are plentiful if you want to live by the lake as well, and if you ever get tired of parks in Roane County there are many other parks in the surrounding counties with even more amazing scenery to take in such as Knox and Cumberland counties.

Next door, Cumberland county has great mountain views.

Most of the time our weather is moderate in the winter time, but we do get the occasional snow, and when we do we all get the cameras out to take pictures.

feel free to call me at any time during the day at
  to schedule a home inspection in the Roane County East, TN area.

We will do a visual inspection of the electrical panel, outlets, windows, floor, roof, attic, bathrooms, porch, decks, kitchen, bedrooms, basement, or crawlspace, garage, exterior of the home, grading around the home, and plumbing. I realize how important the home buying decision is for the home buyer, and I always put my self in the place of the buyer as I inspect. I will be looking for safety issues, defects, electrical shorts in the outlets via my outlet test, visible signs of moisture intrusion, water leaks in the attic, moisture problems in the crawlspace, leaky plumbing, or any other visible defect. It isn't always possible to find every defect in the short time that we have to do an inspection (usually within 2-4 hours) but using the same search plan on every inspection, plus utilizing dozens sometimes hundreds of photos helps us to find as many defects as is humanly possible. After the inspection is over, I methodically go over the photos section by section as I write my report. After the report is finished, I will email you the report which includes pages of photos of defects found. Our goal is to save you money and time and help you make the right decision in buying the home of your dreams.

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