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Open Slots in an Electrical Panel - Home Inspector Quality Home Inspections

Here's something I found on an inspection recently that showcases how important it is to have a home inspection before purchasing a home. Here's an electrical panel with open slots.

electrical panel

The open slots located toward the to top portion of the panel are very dangerous. Why are open slots on an electrical panel so dangerous?

If you were to accidentally stick one of your fingers inside that area in the dark of night while fumbling for breaker switches you could receive  a deadly electric shock. 

Not only that, but children could easily stick a finger inside an open slot and get a electric shock while playing around.

What is the solution? Have a qualified electrician insert blanks into the open slots.

But this is just one of the hundreds if not thousands of defects that an inspector can run into ranging from merely cosmetic to the downright dangerous. Your inspector will most likely not even find every defect in a home, but dangerous defects like this will stand out like a sore thumb to a trained inspector.

Quality Home Inspections will carefully inspect your home and write a full report along with photos showcasing the most glaring defects observed. If you live in the East Tennessee area surrounding Knoxville TN, give us a call before you make a buy a home. It could save you thousands.

East Tennessee Quality Home Inspections
Quality Home Inspections serves the East Tennessee area of Roane, Loudon, Knox, Anderson, and Cumberland counties which includes the areas of Knoxville, Oliver Springs, Oak Ridge, Kingston, Harriman, Rockwood, Midtown, Lenoir City, and Crossville, Tennessee. The goal of Quality Home Inspections is to help make the home buying decision a little less complex by providing a professional visual inspection and report of various systems and areas of the home.

Email me with any questions you might have at the address below.


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