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Choosing your own home inspector

First of all, let me say that the majority of home inspectors and realtors, I believe, are extremely professional and want to do the right thing by their clients, but there is something you should keep in mind in hiring a home inspector.

A lot of realtors tend to use the same home inspectors over and over again.  Realtors are supposed to present buyers with a list of inspectors, if asked for, and let the buyer choose, but often the buyer ends up with the inspector the realtor chooses for them. 

Why is this a mistake from the buyer's perspective? It's simple human nature. No matter how much an inspector wants to be 100 percent true to their client's needs only, the thought of losing the referrals of the realtor that he depends on for his livelihood could cause him to hold back in some small ways in his report. This may not even be intentional, but the pressure is there nonetheless to provide an honest report without sabotaging the sale for the realtor.

Again, I believe, most realtors and inspectors are very professional, but ask yourself, would you be able to be as completely frank about a house's defects if it caused the source of your income to lose out on their own income? It may be that all the facts are presented in the inspector's report, but the wording or the demeanor of the inspector may lead you to believe the defects found were less to worry about than he might normally present in other circumstances.

When all is said and done it may be in your best interest as  a home buyer to find your own home inspector through an internet search or by the recommendation of a friend or family member. When it comes to the most important purchasing decision of your lifetime, you do not want to take any chances that your home inspector is biased in even the slightest way.

Some realtors even refer to some home inspectors as "deal killers". Basically, this is a home inspector the realtor feels will give out information that might make the buyer change their minds about purchasing the home. Obviously, a home inspector could inflate the nature of some home defects unneccessarly, but the inspector must be completely commited to their client in making sure the client is notified in the report of all defects the inspector found that could cost the client money in the future or compromise the home's structure or safety. Note that it is impossible for any inspector to see every possible defect during the short time an inspector has to do an inspection, but it is expected that the inspector would never intentionally withhold valuable information from the client in order to help the realtor make a sale.

If a realtor tries to prevent you from seeking your own home inspector, be wary, as a conflict of interest at that point would seem much more likely.

It behooves the buyer to do their own independent research and find the inspector they believe will serve their best interests.


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