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Home Inspection Wonders - Quality Home Inspections of East Tennessee

I grew up with TV shows like Ripley's Believe it or Not, That's Incredible, and Real People. These shows explored the world of the interesting, bizarre, and amazing. In this section, I thought I would create a showcase of unique home inspection defects and moments that I caught with my camera during my inspections. These are incredible, real photos taken during home inspections. Believe it or not.


This post was supposed to be holding up a sun porch. It was just one of many structurally unsound post supports for this porch. One good rain on a dark and scary night and your porch and possibly part of your wall from your living room could wind up rolling down the large hill just below this porch.

So you think that you have problems with water in your basement? This basement had close to a foot of water. You wouldn't want to set foot in this basement without the proper protective clothing.

It's actually kind of hard to tell, but this set of stairs were so steep, I almost had to climb them like you would a ladder. There was no safety railing, and the passageway was entirely too narrow as well. Imagine taking your elderly grandmother up these stairs and you can just imagine the kind of problems this incredibly scary set of stairs would cause.

So is your toilet causing you problems? This bathroom doesn't have that problem. The toilet has been completely removed.

Could this electrical panel have went a couple of rounds with some kind of monster? Perhaps, the Incredible Hulk?

This pool brings new meaning to the term organic. It was completely taken over by vines.

Look closely. This attic appeared to have suffered from a fire in the past.

This spider was giving me the eyeball in the crawlspace.


Even birds can be scary in a dark attic.

More Incredible home inspection moments to come.

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