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Moisture Prevention - Home Inspection Tips from Quality Home Inspections

Moisture prevention is sometimes overlooked by home owners. Home buyers tend to miss signs of moisture damage or are unable to see areas of concern around the home that can lead to future moisture problems. That's why it's imperative that you hire a trained inspector who knows what to look for.

Small things like the correct length of downspouts leading water away from the house could potentially save a home owner thousands of dollars while preventing water penetration of the foundation wall and basement area.  A contractors may suggest expensive digging and reworking of the grade and the laying down of underground tile. While some homes may require such a project,  many home basements and foundations can be saved from moisture problems by just simply adding length to the downspouts and thus, making sure the water heads away from the home.

A telling sign of moisture issues that home buyers are likely to miss without a home inspector is a white powdery substance that can be seen on foundation walls called efflorescence.

We have a lot of rain here in the Knoxville, TN area and if your grade isn't of the correct slope, or you have incorrectly installed flashing or lack of sealing for  windows, chimneys, and around doors, or you have improperly installed guttering, poorly installed shingles you could be looking at major repairs in the future. It's always better to see a problem before it becomes a disaster.

The wisest man on earth, King Solomon once said, in Proverbs 22:3
"The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty."

Don't go into the biggest purchase of your life without having a qualified inspector taking a look first. Call me at 865 297-2642 and I would be glad to schedule an appointment to inspect your prospective purchase.

Moisture Facts

Moisture and water vapor move in and out of a house in three ways:

1.with air currents;
2. by diffusion through materials
3. by heat transfer.

Vents that improperly vent indoors such as a dryer vent in a crawl space area can cause moisture damage.

Insulation that is put in backwards can trap moisture in a ceiling or flooring system.

Most building codes require a 6-inch minimum clearance between untreated wood and the exterior grade, but 8 inches is generally recommended in order to prevent rotting of the wood. Untreated wood should never touch the ground.

High indoor humidity that is greater than 40% in the winter and more than 60% in the summer, as a general range is a primary cause of many vapor-related moisture problems in homes.

Home Inspector Trivia

Did you know that shingles aren't meant to be a waterproof system? Shingles are actually made to effectively shed water. If you were to turn your home upside down into a lake it would sink like a rock.

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