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Moisture Concerns in an Inspection- Quality Home Inspections of East Tennessee

As a home owner it's important to consider steps to take toward moisture prevention. For a prospective buyer, it's important that you know if the grade or design issues with the home you are looking at could one day lead to problems with moisture related issues. Water and moisture are the biggest enemies to your home.

As a home inspector for the Knoxville, TN area, one of my biggest concerns is looking for areas of the home that are either damaged by water and moisture now or that could be in the future. A poor grade that directs water into the house could cause deterioration to foundation walls, basement flooding, mold or rotting of wood in the crawl space. Gutters that are filled up with leaves or are bent, and downspouts that don't properly direct water away from the home are also a problem.

It only takes about a 20 percent moisture level in wood for it to begin to deteriorate. At a 27 percent moisture, level mold can grow readily.

Moisture doesn't have to be only caused by rain, either. Plumbing leaks under the sink or under the floor can cause a lot of problems as well.

Here are some defects related to moisture problems I've found in recent inspections.

Relatively small cracks on top of a porch were the apparent cause of water damage to the ceiling  of a basement garage area below the porch. Notice in the picture below the rust and the bending in and warping of the metal ceiling caused by rain infiltration.


In this photo, there was rotting wood found along a chimney damaged by rain water. This defect would not have been found by just a quick peak into the attic. It was located on the opposite side of the chimney from the attic entrance.

Here we see venting into the attic. It's important that bathrooms and dryers never vent into the attic. This condition can create excess moisture in the attic that leads to mold, and wood deterioration. These vents should always vent to the outside.

Here we have tree limbs growing over the sides of a roof contributing to clogged rain gutters and leaves standing on the roof which can hold moisture on the roof and cause damage to the roofing system over time.

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