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How to Deal with Moss Growth on a Roof - Quality Home Inspections of East Tennessee

Is having moss on your roof really that bad? Why is it bad and what should you do to get rid of it?

Roof inspection in Knoxville, TN that had moss growing on the roof.

Although some people may think that a little moss growing on a roof is not such a big deal, it definitely can be over time. Moss holds moisture down on to the shingles, which can cause shorten their life expectancy, and, over time, its presence can create points of water penetration through the roof.

Ridding your roof top of moss growth should be part of your regular roof maintenance along with making sure your gutters are cleaned out.

How do I keep moss off my roof you may ask? Well, if you can incorporate copper strips into your roofing toward the top, the rain will wash across the copper onto the roof and actually kill moss and keep it off without having you having to do anything. If you happen to be installing a new roof, there are shingles available that have copper incorporated into the shingle granules.

Don't use a pressure washer to remove moss because you could cause damage to your shingles. There are cleaners that claim to be safe for roofing, but be careful to avoid harsh bleach cleaners as it could be hard on the coloring of your roof.  Bleach can also kill plants on the ground as it is rinsed from the roof and can accelerate corrosion of metal gutters and downspouts.

If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, I would definitely address any moss growing on your roof top as this will definitely show up on a home inspector's report.

Consider hiring a professional to clean your roof to avoid damaging your roof or hurting yourself by falling off.

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