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Avoid Wood Rot

One of the things of great concern to home inspectors is visible wood rot, and of course, rotting wood should be of great concern to you as a home buyer or current home owner. The biggest threat to your home is water penetration. Homes are built to shed water. They aren't built water tight, if water can linger around the edges or get through into the home's walls then trouble occurs.

Don't create a easy route for rain water to penetrate deep into the wood of your home. For example, don't add nails to your home without painting or sealing them properly in some way. Nails are basically a road for rain water to run down deep into the wood of your home that will usually lead to rotten wood.  Below is a photo of a nail, probably for a decoration or sign of some sort, that has caused the wood all around it to rot. Water travels, and just one nail can destroy a large area of wood.

Wood Rotting

Keep this tip in mind for things like satellite dishes. All connections to your home should be properly sealed to avoid water penetration. Roof leaks are commonly caused by satellite dishes.

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